Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nom nom nom. Good day for food. Finally tried the pizza place that Sylvia suggested that is both cheap and very close to our apartment. Delicious, and definitely a step up from Pizzaland (at which one can buy something called a "pig and chips": pizza with french friends, hot dog chunks, and drizzled in ketchup) but maybe not quite up to par with what I remember. Dinner began with a traditional Sienese vegetable soup that included, among other ingredients, black cabbage and bread. Incredible, especially with the olive oil that Italians seem so fond of pouring on EVERYTHING. I don't hate it. After that came more cardi, which is rapidly becoming my favorite vegetable, some other veggie dish that I couldn't identify but gladly ate anyway, and chicken stuffed with prosciutto and eggs. More important, I got to play with Miriam, Sylvia's granddaughter, again today. I met her for the first time on Tuesday and she . . . just . . . no words. She's only one and doesn't know any words yet, and as I don't know how to coo at a baby in Italian, she's getting a healthy dose of English. She loves Eric best, but we'll see how long that lasts . . .


  1. Getting practice for being an auntie, aren't you? Far as I can tell, babies don't care what language you coo at them in. Too bad you won't be around when she starts to talk. It's really a healthy dose of humility how they can switch back and forth in languages.

    So, I gotta say, that pigs and chips thing does not interest me at all. But you go right ahead...

    How is art coming along?

    love ya.

  2. Also, your grandparents are enjoying the food details. I think it makes them hungry. Your grandmother is hoping you'll learn how to cook all these things so she can try them.